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Learning Programs

English learning programs

English learning programs from the authored system by Your English Specialist. The temporal system in English explained & YES Language Constructor are here to help you develop your skills for a better communication and understanding at a higher level.

Inspired by some of the most common problems for learners:
– The grammar tenses and their correct use
– Composing an appropriate word order & accurate expression

English learning programs

The English language Temporal system EXPLAINED!


Have you ever experienced difficulty expressing the grammatical tenses?

One of the most common problems I face in my daily work with students is their uncertainty about the correct use of the temporal system. This often happens because they have never looked at the whole framework all at once, since it is taken at different stages throughout the learning levels and is looked at partially with large gaps between each of them!

This affects the student’s ability to apply them effectively and so often people mainly use or rely on the first “Simple” and “Continuous” tenses, but even then they are not always entirely sure, and things start to get difficult for them.

In this program tenses are given in the same model and approach, so that they could easily be compared!

All English tenses Included

Template Framework

One Single Storyline

Tips & Tricks

Colour Coded


The YES Temporal system explained contains:

12 Grammatical tenses / 40 Interactive slides / 4 h. 26 min. / 10 Extra files / 16 tests

+ 30 Days Q&A support

39.99 BGN

English language builder


Have you had difficulty composing your questions accurately and effectively?

Not sure if what you are expressing is correct? Do you recognize the exact positions of each part of speech and where they should be located in questions and sentences?

We bring to your attention our English Language builder tool with a practical purpose for effective composition of questions, answers and their correct word order.

In its logic it resembles and imitates the colorful blocks of children’s constructors and each color has an assigned part of speech it represents. With this tool you will easily get used to where the exact location of each component is and what it does.


All Auxiliary verbs lists

All Modal verbs lists

All Wh- words lists

Colour-coded content

700 Word order structures

High-quality audio & commentary


The Language Builder contains:

Lists of 35 typical and common word structures distributed in 20 separate trainings for all auxiliary and modal verbs, as well as those for the Wh-words and their modes.

22 Interactive slides / 3 h. 25 min. 

+ 30 Days Q&A support

39.99 BGN

For more useful materials and information visit the Your English Specialist YouTube channel