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Corporate Services

Services for companies

Looking for English language corporate training?

We offer an array of corporate services that companies can take advantage of:

Management and staff training – Group or individual English language training formats
Platform account packs – Discount offers in-bulk with access to YES levels, guidebooks, programmes.
Internal language workshops & events – Possibility to organise focus-oriented English language events
Custom solutions – for any other services please contact us!

YES Level packages

According to your specific needs

This is the YES System: 6 Levels with 12 modules and everything essential contained in a total of 61 sessions.
For more in-detail information  go to YES system page / the YES project / the Specialist  pages!

Below are the previews and highlights of all the levels including our Introduction DEMO!

For more information and full A-Z content lists of structures please go to
Online courses & DEMO session


Our offers

Here is how you can take advantage of our courses!

Offer option 1:
in bulk

You can select as many accounts for any level separately!
(A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1 / C2)
Assign different levels to employees, depending on their roles/rank in the company.

Offer option 2:
2 / 2 / 2

Select a category of levels according to your needs and staff:
Category A: Beginner (A1 + A2)
Category B: Intermediate (B1 + B2)
Category C: Advanced (C1 + C2)

Offer option 3:

Get 3-level packs,
each containing half of the system:

Lower half (A1 + A2 + B1)
Upper half (B2 + C1 + C2)

Offer option 4:
Fully covered

Get the full system pack at the best price and cover all the levels!
(A1 + A2 + B1 + B2 + C1 + C2)



YES Course types

What regime would you like?

Automated / Self-paced courses:
– Autonomous learning
– Interactive & fully responsive
– Multiple initial settings

– High-quality narration
– 24/7 access to the materials
– Repeatability of the content
– Writing tasks check & feedback
– Tests & evaluation
– Certificate of completion
– Analysis & Monitoring
– Reports & Statistics
– Active platform support

Supported courses:
Everything in the Automated regime +
– Adjustable period of teacher support
(30 / 90 / 180 / 360 days)
– Users can ask questions about the material
– Users get prompt answers directly in the trainings

(during the support period)
– Closed community option
– Individual / Community / Team learning modes

–  Extensive reports & statistics
– Advanced features and settings

– After support period expires the course remains accessible
– It goes in autonomous mode

Company tiers

How many do you need?

Roles & Profile types

What type of roles we have?

*Role titles are subject to change and could fit most organizations!

We have designed a dedicated calculator!

Add-on offers:

For anything extra you might need!

Further information about the set can be found in the Guidebooks page

Your English Specialist Guidebook set

4 Separate guidebooks
– Educational –
– Personal –
– Practical –
– Useful –

40 topic-based bilingual trainings
25 Language tools
Special instruments
Hours 30 minutes of mastered audio
(Narration + Commentary)
30-day support

Regular price 78.80 BGN.
Promotional price 39,90 BGN.
(You save 38.90!)


Business 2 Business opportunity

We got an excellent Partnership program that might interest you!

Additional offers

Other corporate services

  • Simultaneous / Consecutive translation
  • Script writing / editing
  • Website translation
  • Materials translation

Custom services

  • Runner Service
  • Corporate events
  • Consulting
  • On-demand services

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