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Private lessons

English language lessons

English language lessons for beginners and intermediates in a modern and authored system crafted by a tutor with more than 10 years of direct experience with all levels and age groups.

Do you want to have free time for your friends & family but still learn/practice?
Would you like to study English in a completely new and different way?
Are there Language related problems you would like to resolve?

If Yes then: We are here for you and your needs!
We offer modern and interactive private lessons!

Have a look at our plans, we offer specially tailored training regimes flexible enough to cover any need!

*Please note, before ordering any of our packages you should contact us via phone/e-mail, in order to check for available slots in the schedule. You can also complete our YES DEMO session + our Survey and entry test to appoint a free consultation. The slots are limited and exclusive!

English language lessons Your English Specialist

Plans & Pricing

We offer a variety of plans with different parameters & duration.

YES 10 (Single levels)

10 A-level (A1/A2) sessions

Understand the basics and build a strong foundation to your knowledge!

300 BGN (10 x 60 minutes)

350 BGN (10 x 80 minutes)

10 B-level (B1/B2) sessions

Get your knowledge and skills on the next level!

350 BGN (10 x 60 minutes)

400 BGN (10 x 80 minutes) 

10 C-level (C1/C2) sessions

Reach the maximum potential and boost your English to the top!

400 BGN (10 x 60 minutes)

450 BGN (10 x 80 minutes)

Duration 1.5 – 3 months

+ YES Guidebook/Challenge pack

YES 20 (2/2/2 courses)

20 A-level (A1+A2) sessions

Understand the basics and build a strong foundation to your knowledge!

550 BGN (20 x 60 minutes)

650 BGN (20 x 80 minutes)

20 B-level (B1+B2) sessions

Get your knowledge and skills on the next level!

650 BGN (20 x 60 minutes)

750 BGN (20 x 80 minutes) 

20 C-level (C1+C2) sessions

Reach the maximum potential and boost your English to the top!

750 BGN (20 x 60 minutes)

850 BGN (20 x 80 minutes)

Duration 2 – 4 months

NOTE: Additional BONUS tools are included!

YES 30 (System halves)

30 A-B sessions (A1+A2+B1)

Get the easier first half of the system!

900 BGN (30 x 60 minutes)

1000 BGN (30 x 80 minutes) 

30 B-C sessions (B2+C1+C2)

Take on the higher levels all together!

1000 BGN (30 x 60 minutes)

1200 BGN (30 x 80 minutes)

Duration 3 – 6 months.

NOTE: Additional BONUS tools are included!

YES 60 (Fully covered)

60 sessions (All levels)

Get the complete YES system!

1800 BGN (60 x 60 minutes)

2000 BGN (60 x 80 minutes)

With these plans you get all 6 courses +  the complete YES guidebooks & instruments set!

Duration 6 – 12 months.

5 Custom sessions

5 Your English Specialist custom level sessions

An option to get 5 custom sessions to use for revision or specific needs!

200 BGN (5 x 60 minutes)

250 BGN (5 x 90 minutes)

Terms & Notes

Use this menu to go through the rules & principles!


A detailed and in-depth survey:

To work together effectively some information about your previous experience, goals, needs and personality is necessary! This way we would be able to give you the most fitting solution, specially tailored and adapted to you! You can find and complete the YES survey form

Authored and dedicated entry test:

To determine your current level, skills and understanding Constructed in a special manner to check much more than other regular tests. The YES entry test checks theory and grammar as well as practical skills and personal expression at once. The test is only available after a complete survey or by request.

Personal consultation:

We want to provide you with a personal (fixed or flexible) schedule and approach based on your survey and test result. During the consultation we are going to discuss various topics and confirm the information given in it. We would also cover any mistakes and gaps in the test results and go through options to initiate your training. Regular price 30 BGN., but becomes free after registration for the DEMO session.

An interactive demo session:

A YES DEMO session is also available to provide you with even more information and preparation!

Schedule options:

You are free to choose between a fixed or a flexible schedule and decide how many sessions per week to have. The recommended intensity is no more than one or two weekly classes.


Please consider the possibility that I might be having a various number of classes and scheduled meetings during the day and the need for free time between them! Classes should preferably be conducted between 9:00 – 18:00 (Mon – Fri) and any service outside of that range could require additional payment. Home or office visits are currently limited to a minimum. Public spaces and social locations usage depends on restrictions as well as health & safety measures. During these times, distanced/online sessions could be the best available option that is still very effective and optimal at the same time.

Weekly call and support:

A weekly confirmation call is conducted every Sunday (between 18:00 – 19:30) and is made regardless of your regime (fixed/flexible) to appoint the meetings for the upcoming week. You are free to call during this period too to book early! Support on short questions could be received via chat or during this call.

Changes & Delays:

Non-systematic changes or delays within minutes on both sides are permissible, and for respectable reasons only! Last-minute change/postponement of a session is not recommended and must be communicated as early as possible, prior to class! In case of inability to conduct the session it gets rescheduled to a more convenient and appropriate date or time. In case the learner lacks the ability to attend classes, they are able to pause their education and continue/complete it at a later stage or in a different learning regime more suitable to their preference!

Weekends & official holidays:

Weekend or official holiday classes are possible only with a prior agreement between both parties.

Session duration:

Regular 60 minute long YES sessions

These usually fit all the necessary components from the lessons into an hour!

Extended 80 minute long YES+ sessions

There is extra time for more information, further guidance and practical work.

Sessions contain the following materials:

3 Grammar components / Visual graphics / Language skill / Speaking topic / Writing task / at least 60/80 words & phrases / Tips & Examples / Resources / Session focus / Exercises & Test

24/7 Access to the responsive materials:

You are going to get a profile in the YES online platform! Your access to the materials is exclusive and for reference and practical needs. You would be able to access your materials from any device with an active internet connection through the YES platform only.

Audio recordings & Bilingual content:

There is an audio recording and instructions in both languages for every session of the system.


You are not allowed to copy / transfer / distribute / resell the materials or your platform profile! The materials are subject to copyright and intellectual property! You are granted personal use access and have no other rights over them! Violations could lead to the service being limited or discontinued.


All payments should go through bank transfer with details of the order or other relevant information. There is a possibility to issue an invoice for the orders. The materials are available with other payment methods in some of our partnering platforms too.

Refunds & Compensation

Once the legal period for refunds has passed, we are not obliged to compensate you for any remaining unused sums! As compensation you may receive the online course versions of the materials in either of the two other regimes (Self-paced/Supported).

Denial of & from service:

We reserve the right to refuse offering or deny initiating live services in case of impossibility to conduct the classes properly due to availability or other reasons! If the learner is not able to continue or even disrupt the conduct of classes we retain our right to deny further service. In such cases other variants such as self-paced or supported courses could be discussed.

Agreement and consent:

By starting the learning process you automatically agree with the mentioned terms in the previous tabs or listed above. If you have any questions or need specific and custom solutions, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

If you prefer to study at your own pace and intensity check out 

Self-paced mode: Fully autonomous, interactive and translated content, high-quality audio recordings of all sessions + writing tasks & tests, as well as a certificate after completion!

Supported mode: Everything in the self-paced version + a support period for unlimited written questions and answers!

Both modes give you the ability to order additional and on-demand live/online sessions!