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Causes of the project

Causes supported by the Your English Specialist project and the values ​​we share for a better and more connected world.

Together we can achieve so much!

Ecologically Friendly
[YES Ecological Cause]

We want to protect the planet & resources, especially paper and printed materials! We want to be a GREEN company, regardless of our blue Brand outlook!

In today’s technological world we should try and recycle as much as possible and become more ecological towards the environment we all live in! This is why at YES we try to be more digitaltechnological than use a lot of paper! We are going to strive to be PAPERLESS and use a realistic and conscious minimum of paper for materials, promotion or documentation!

This would mean to be innovative, interactive and experience learning through life! Our tools are designed to be used in a virtual environment with devices. 

Englify This!
[YES Social Cause]

What if the content you follow was in English only? A social cause dedicated to the awareness of English knowledge in society!

We ask & help Social figures, Blogs, Companies, Websites and Pages to exclusively present / post a piece of their usual media in English onlyExperience publications, clips, reviews and a lot more in English instead of its normal language form! Check your knowledge & skills!

Would you be able to understand your favourite content and heroes…
…if they didn’t talk/write in your native language?

Lessons for Life!
[YES Social Charity Cause]

By doing regular charity events & campaigns we want to contribute towards a better life for people that need it most! We want to help people in need of medical treatment or social help!

By taking part in these events your learning experience is going to help someone else! We are going to select valid, real-life cases and present different causes over time!

When helping others, we help ourselves! Together we can change many lives!

YES Good Deed Cards
[YES Social Cause]

Each month we are going to issue four different “Good Deed Cards” (in the Downloads section!) to challenge you to be a better person in your daily life! They are going to be specially designed to provoke you to do positive actions and tasks!

You would definitely feel better after you make a few extra good things every month! This would reflect greatly on your mood and make the world a better place, by just doing a simple good deed! 

To make sure you always have something nice to do! Are you a YES person?

In case you have the same beliefs, check out our partnership program page