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About the project

English language learning system by YES

The Your English Specialist (YES) project aims to garner a more effective environment and a clear idea of learning, practicing, maintaining and experiencing English on a daily basis. We believe in teaching through life-experience, and that each person learns in their own individual way. In our opinion the modern world could offer a fun and interactive way to approach education.

By improving the existing, or completely building the necessary modern practices, for anyone wishing to achieve more in their life and career, because of the role and importance of English in today’s world.

We offer an interactive way to learn and develop your skills the way you prefer: in a flexible way with well-constructed content that gives you all that you could need to become an adaptive English user. To be able to communicate effectively in any situation, no matter of location, purpose or complexity. It is important that you gain the right knowledge, experience and practical navigation in the vast world of the English language!

Your development in this direction makes the world a more connected place!

Become a part of this experience!  When people speak the “same language“, they connect better! 

 Do you need to use English language regularly in your daily routine?

Do you want to learn, revise or improve your current knowledge and skills?

Are you looking for an effective method to practice your English regularly?

Is the answer YES?

Here are a few reasons to consider!

Learn at your own pace & schedule from a convenient for you location at any time

You get to use a completely authored system created by an experienced teacher

Constant 24/7 access from any device with internet connection

A wide spectrum of integrated methods of training

A project helping to achieving your needs, goals and dreams

A modern & interactive platform with an adaptive design

No monthly subscription or hidden fees, we use flat pricing


The system is adapted for learning, maintenance, revision and application of the grained knowledge!
…and if these are not enough reasons to convince you, here are some of the qualities of the project!
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Modern and innovative

A project in line with the present, but also set with a view to the future of e-learning! We try to use both traditional established methods and the latest good practices at the moment.


You receive content translated identically in both (inbound and target) languages ​​+ high-quality mastered audio.


We combine teaching, coaching and personal development in one well-balanced formula! In this way, in addition to being a student, you develop and improve on a personal/professional level.

Compact & High-quality

Made from the point of view of a qualified teacher with the necessary education and years of experience. The trainings are revised in several stages so that they can be comprehensive, effective and without unnecessary content.

Positive message

From the name & logo itself, through the optimistic message and philosophy, to the last detail the project aims to motivate and encourage students to say “YES” to knowledge more often! We strive to turn learning into an interesting activity that is useful and fun!


The project offers solutions to common problems for students, both on a personal and professional level! When building a  training, the leading factor is that it is effective and focused on the really important components.

Practical & Applicable

The project offers the opportunites and guidance for building a regular practice in an environment outside of the classroom! Through the many implemented tips, guidelines and recommendations we try to facilitate the process of learning and applying the acquired knowledge and skills.


YES takes into account the personal needs and goals of learners and offer appropriate options for them! You can choose between a personal class schedule or study on your own at a convenient day and time through interactive online courses.

Original & Different

The project offers services and products in a flexible model, through modes with flexible rhythm, commitment or budget!

Social & Ecological

YES supports various causes and projects of public importance! We pay attention to important problems and actively look for ways to eliminate or reduce them!

Who is the project for:

Any person looking to gain great knowledge, understanding & skills in the English language

Companies/Professionals from various industries seeking to develop their competencies

Young people/University students building their education, qualifications and career

 High-school students preparing for tests, exams & graduation finals

English language learning system Mission and Goals

Mission & Goals

What we aim with the project!

The goal is to provide you with the necessary knowledge to connect to the world and make it a better place together!

Let’s develop you on a few levels:

Personal – be more confident in your skills!
 Social – communicate with new people!
 Professional – be internationally qualified!
 Cultural – be able to manage in any situation!

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If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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    Say “YES” to your English today!