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English language trainings & YES products

English language trainings and products to help you learn and put your knowledge into practice. Compiled in a modern & interactive model with the possibility of several modes of usage from any device with an active internet connection.


English language trainings & YES Products

Our products come in various formats; from completely automated or hybrid courses and guidebooks to specific practical formats. Covering a wide range of solutions for individual learners to corporate teams to support learning, practicing, applying and experiencing the English language. The trainings are compiled and presented in such a manner so that the content is presented in an engaging way and is interactively designed. We strive to cover your learning needs, regardless of your level and whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced user!

High-quality bi-lingual audio & translation

There is a mastered audio narration included that is going to help you with instructions, advice and recommendations and get you the progress you need! The texts are translated in both English & Bulgarian languages for a better understanding of the materials.

Interactive, Responsive & Mobile friendly

All the materials are constructed in an interactive manner that works on every device from PCs to mobile phones as long as there is an active internet connection! The texts and visual graphic materials have an integrated design and are also color-coded.

Flexible and highly-customizable

We have authored and prepared custom-built tools that can also be tailored according to your preferences and needs! In case you are in need of a specific solution, we are able to adapt according to it.

The YES System

Welcome to the Your English Specialist system!

The system includes everything necessary for a modern and effective way to study and use English language! Authored by an experienced teacher with more than 10 years of experience and 16000+ classes!  The materials could be used for learning, revising, maintenance and practice by different age groups including: Teenagers / Adolescents / Adults. It could work well for busy professionals and people who are looking for an efficient way to study English.

Logical order and format

The system begins with A1 and follows a rising in difficulty framework that builds upon a strong foundation and goes into finer details as learners progress through the levels. The materials are compiled and engineered in an efficient way to contain much more than ordinary courses would. All the elements and panels have an intuitive design and are arranged in a certain format to further boost the process.

The Structure:

There are 6 main courses covering all levels from A1 up to C2. Each course has 2 modules, each with 4 learning sessions and a revision. The total of number of sessions is 61, with the free DEMO included.

The Session types:

Learning sessions contain the following: 3 Grammar components / 1 Target Skill / 1 Speaking topic / Vocabulary bank with at least 60 words or phrases / 1 Writing task / Relevant examples / Specialist Tips & Tricks / Visual graphics / Additional resources and a Test.

Revision sessions cover and go through the material of the previous 4 sessions in the module, as well as providing extra materials and skills panels.


*Self-Paced course regime:

Learners go through the courses on their own and at their convenience and pace. The only component that is supported and checked by a teacher is the writing task for each session.

**Supported course regime:

Everything in the previous regime + Learners get teacher support and the right to unlimited written questions and receive answers in the material during the support period, as well as two scheduled target consultations included with a prior appointment for date & time.

Private lessons regime:

In this regime learners receive a personal profile in the YES platform and go through the materials with a teacher either online or in person (if possible) and could get their own fixed/flexible schedule of learning sessions! The lessons could be 60 (Regular) or 80 (Extended) minutes long.

Group courses & Master classes:

Fixed schedule group classes are going to be conducted periodically in order to provide learners with the collective experience while sharing the process with others. All participants would get the materials in their platform profiles as well as access to a modern virtual classroom.

Corporate trainings and custom solutions:

If you are looking for specifics and training teams of people on corporate level and scale located in various places and at different level then have a look at our “Corporate services” section, or contact us via e-mail or phone listed in the contacts section of the website.

YES Online courses

We provide fully automated & supported online courses for all levels ranging from A1-C2!

YES Learning Guidebooks

Our authored guidebooks give valuable information about effective learning and good practices!

YES Instruments

Have a look at our custom learning instruments if you are looking for specific out-of-the-box solutions!

YES Challenge packs

Challenge packs that offer various ideas for application of the acquired knowledge and skills!

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All of the English language YES trainings are created and conducted in Contipso LMS