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Testimonials for my work, directly from learners!

Anatoly is a precise and dedicated teacher, he gives clear guidance and comments, which is very useful. At the same time, he leaves his students an independent field of expression and does not deter their critical thinking. I admit he is very demanding and has attention to detail. This is only a plus if you really want to learn English.

Beatris Nikolova (27) Communication & Image Expert  

Anatoly is different, flexible and not the “standard” type of  teacher.
He provokes people’s interest and desire for knowledge. If it even could be noted as a disadvantage at all, he sometimes deviates from the main topic in order to give more knowledge and useful advice to learners.

Mimi Ivanova (39) Accountant

Anatoly is able to teach things that are difficult to learn in an interesting and innovative way. An outstanding professional – very demanding, but this is a good feature. Extremely accurate and conscientious!

Aneliya Bojilova (23) University Student

Anatoly is a creative and innovative teacher. He knows how to draw the attention of his students and he is not boring. He is very positive, smiling and humorous. He has many different interests and leads the conversation to different topics. He works with great desire because he loves what he does! He is a great professional!

Alexandra Ivanova (26) Ecologist

Mr. Ivanov is an intelligent, experienced and knowledgeable specialist in the sphere of English. He is ready to work tirelessly for the development of his students and gives everything for their progress. I have excellent impressions from his work with students. I believe that with this project he will contribute to an easier and better language learning.

Peter Arsov (15) Student

Anatoly is a great person. I met him a year ago. He was my English teacher in a language school, but later I realized that he was not just a teacher but a friend who could give advice, direction, and boost you into the future. He is not like the ordinary teachers who just teach by the textbook, but is a person who can make even the most distracted people, like me, listen to his way of teaching. He is a person whom to this day to I keep in touch with, not only for the knowledge he gives to me, but for the way he thinks. Every time I call him on the phone and ask how he is and what he does, he answers – “I’m fine, I’m doing my tasks!” This shows that he is not a person who gives up easily. I strongly hope and believe that he will succeed in all his projects and endeavors in life because he deserves it.

Ivaylo Lichev  (28) Sales Manager

Inclusive to all of his students, an outstanding teacher and a person. By working with him, learners show significant progress and results in English. Learning is related to digital technologies, sociability, and stimulating positive behavior in people. Mr. Ivanov already has and hopefully will continue to make a significant contribution to improving the language skills and competencies of his students. As a parent of his student, I strongly recommend his services as a basis for future development and realization of people.

Aneliya Arsova (40) Linguistic Therapist

Anatoly Ivanov is a teacher who I would recommend to everyone. He is a great professional. He understands and loves his job. It is important for him not only to pass the lessons, but his students to remember the lessons learned and to be able to apply the material correctly. He easily becomes a favorite of his students, perhaps because he easily gains their trust and sympathy. He has a different approach to work – gives many examples and transmits the lessons with lots of humor, jokes, interesting stories and facts. In my case he made the English language something very interesting and fun. I am very grateful that he has sparked the desire to learn and develop my knowledge. Thank you endlessly!

Theodora Klinkova  (21) University Student

Anatoly Ivanov has incredible teaching skills. His way of teaching is very unusual, interesting and innovative. He uses the interests of his students to make it easier to learn the language. He explains grammar in English interestingly, so it could be understood and learned with ease. He has a professionalism that can be seen from the first lesson. The program with which he works is created by himself. He has high demands towards the people he works with. At the beginning of the course there are targets that are being chased. Pupils quickly feel their progress, which motivates them even more.

Tsvetelina Kosachka  (27) Accountant

Anatoly is a professional with great knowledge and experience in teaching English. His approach is special and for me he is a suitable teacher for beginners and advanced learners who want to learn or refresh their English knowledge capacity.

Marin Rupanov (34) Entrepreneur

Feedbacks on services (Translation & Copywriting)

A job well done!

Everything is performed on time and according to the assignment.
He assesses the material from which a qualitative description is created.

Nickolay Chernev (32) Entrepreneur 

Anatoly is a person you can really trust to do the promised job, qualitatively and on time. Unlike many other freelancers and copywriting agencies, his English level is indeed very high and, regardless of the subject, he is able to present the information in a well-structured and understandable way.

Nickolay Jordanov (28)  Business Developer


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