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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the Your English Specialist (YES) project.
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The Specialist

The person behind the project

Who is the Specialist?

My name is Anatoliy Ivanov and I am a teacher of English and creator of Your English Specialist. As such I crafted and compiled the overall idea and vision behind the project YES – Your English Specialist. Have a look at the About Me section of the website.

What are your qualifications?

I completed the Proficiency (C2) level at the age of 18, a few months before graduating from high school. Subsequently, I became a student and now a graduate philologist majoring in English Philology from South-west University Neofit Rilski. I also have passed many courses and trainings in various fields of humanities and social sciences, as well as a certified presenter.

What is your experience?

I have over 11 years of teaching experience in the public and private sectors, including work in schools, language schools and centers, as well as private practice. Over the years, I have conducted over 16,000 classes in more than 100 groups. I have taught people from various professions and fields of society.

What ages do you work with?

I have direct experience with students aged from 6 to 60+. Most of this experience is gained through work with teenagers, young people and adult learners.

Which levels do you teach?

I have taught courses and trainings at all levels (A1 – C2) of the European Language Framework, as well as groups in Business English.

Do you give consultations?

YES, of course! You have the opportunity to book an individual consultation. I have prepared a detailed survey related to your personal needs, goals and preferences, which after filling out will give a clearer picture of the situation.
At the scheduled meeting we will discuss everything you need, as well as select the most appropriate options for your training.
The standard price of the consultation is 30 BGN, but if you sign up for the introductory DEMO session and complete your survey & entry test, you will receive the meeting completely free of charge!

Do you offer an entry test?

YES, if necessary, you can take an entry test to determine your current level and discuss the results from it during our consultation.

What materials do you use?

In the system are used authored and adapted materials with logical order and arrangement. They are designed to provide important information in a connected and balanced way. All tools and classes are themed and combinative. They have a theoretical and practical side. We may also use tools/materials that you provide.

Do you offer private lessons?

YES, I offer packages and plans of private lessons according to your needs, schedule and goals. In the learning process I try my best to follow your preferences and to guide the process effectively. For more information go here.

Do you offer group courses?

Group courses and Masterclasses at the different levels or for the whole system are going to be announced periodically. Follow the YES Facebook page and website for upcoming dates.

Do you offer speaking sessions?

YES, I have developed speaking classes and speaking phrasebooks with more than 80 conversation topics for the effective stimulation of communication and practical application of what has been learned. You can take advantage of them separately or in parallel with your private lessons.

How could we contact you?

You could contact me through the contacts listed on the site, or write to the chat leading to the YES Facebook page.

The System & Project

What is it and how it is designed

What is the idea of the project?

Your English Specialist is a project aimed at providing a modern and effective way to learn, revise, practice and apply English in our daily lives. The system is created from the point of view of a foreign English teacher who was not born in an English-speaking country, but with a modern view of the processes and aiming to offer his trainings in an interactive and adaptive manner.

What does the system include?

The system contains a series of private lessons compiled into authored courses for different levels, plus a number of additional tools and guidebooks with different aspects on focus to improve learners’ understanding, preparation and abilities.

What methods are used?

The system has a combination of many disciplines and design solutions. All content is presented bilingually and with built-in text and color code for better perception of the information. We engage all your senses and try to keep your interest awaken through established pedagogical principles and innovative techniques, because we believe that learning can be interesting and fun under the right conditions!

How is YES different?

The main goal is to convey information clearly, accurately and efficiently. To include comprehensive, but at the same time compact and targeted materials without a market equivalent. During its construction the system has been thought out according to many factors, levels in depth and directions of development have been considered in order to present and position ourselves correctly. The message is literally “YES” to access, quality knowledge and achieving your dreams and success!

Do you have a DEMO?

You can find the introductory DEMO session here. When you register for it, you will receive important information, an understanding about the sessions and the platform, as well as the opportunity to complete our questionnaire + an entry test to determine your current level.
By registering for the DEMO session you get the right to a free consultation, which would normally cost BGN 30.
The site also has free downloadable materials as well as informative media videos with other vital information.

What are the mission & goals?

The YES mission and causes include to offer quality solutions to anyone wanting to learn, revise or develop and improve their knowledge and skills in English. I believe that in the modern world this is possible and you can become a citizen of the world through knowledge, technology and without wasting large amounts of paper. By working together, we can make the world a better and more open place if we say “YES” to the right things more often! For more information visit About YES & Causes pages.

What solutions do you offer?

Compact and well-designed authored trainings in English in accordance with the latest trends and principles in the world of e-learning.
Training at individual / group / corporate team levels in several possible modes and according to the needs / goals, without any unnecessary filler content and delaying of the process.

Where can I get more info?

You can find more information in the following: Facebook page Facebook group YouTube channel

What are the payment methods?

I offer several payment options, the most popular being bank transfer. If necessary, it is possible to issue an invoice by a freelance self-insured person.
Other payment methods such as: card payments and the services of various payment providers such as EasyPay are available in the Contipso catalog, where company invoices can also be issued for your purchases.

How could we work together?

I want to help, support and develop other projects, companies and individuals ready to partner and work together with common goals. I could offer an attractive affiliate and partnership program that may be of interest to you!

The Products

What products and materials are available

What products do you offer?

The products include authored guidebooks, tools and trainings with a combined total of over 90 hours of audio recordings. The prices are affordable and formed on a flat/equal entry principle regardless of your level. I offer online courses in two different modes: (When ordering level packages there are discounts!)
Self-paced mode A1 to C2 for 125.00 BGN per level
Supported mode A1 to C2 for 160.00 BGN per level
Each of the guidebooks is at the same price of 19.99 BGN.
The challenge packages are also at the price of 19.99 BGN.
Any other type of tool or program is priced at 39.99 BGN.

How are the products used?

The products can be used online in our learning platform in its various modes (Self-paced / Supported) and or in the Contipso catalog from any device with an active Internet connection. (Users who purchase online courses have the option to order live classes with preferential terms!)

Are products in English only?

All products are bilingual and are translated into Bulgarian and English languages, so that you can understand each part of the content if necessary.

Are there video clips & audio?

I offer my materials mainly in the form of interactive bilingual slides with a responsive design and high-quality sound recordings to keep your engagement high and productive. Video is often qualified as “lazy content” and not always the most effective format.

Are there examples & graphics?

YES, all the information is presented with the necessary examples and tips, and there are graphic boards included for a more visual representation of the texts.

Are there excercises & tests?

YES, each lesson and training includes exercises, additional resources, tasks and tests to check what you have learned.

Is there a certificate?

YES, after successfully completing a level / course you receive a digital certificate.

Can I order the full system?

You can order each level separately or in packages. I offer several plan options with a corresponding discount when ordering more than one course / level.
You can pick from 1 (10 sessions) / 2 (20 sessions) / 3 (30 sessions) / 6 (60 sessions) courses packages or level plans.
Currently the whole system could be ordered for: 500 BGN (In self-paced mode) & 700 BGN (In supported mode with 12 months support) and for 1450 BGN (60 Regular 60-minute sessions) or 1700 BGN (60 Extended 80-minute sessions). When you order the “Fully covered” plan you also get all of the other products and tools.

Is it for computers only?

You can use the training from any device with an active Internet connection, including horizontal and vertical views of mobile devices. Our recommendation, however, is to use a device with a large enough screen in a quiet environment.

What promotions do you have?

I offer different options to take advantage of the trainings as affordably as possible, you can review them here.

The Services

What services are available

What services do you provide?

Individual plans for private lessons and conversation classes tailored to your level, needs, goals and schedule. As well as custom sessions for revision, interview preparation or other relevant cases.

What is the session duration?

Lesson duration options are:
Regular – ~60 minutes
Extended – ~80 minutes

How are the sessions done?

It is preferable for classes to be held on working days between 09:00 – 18:00, but it is possible to reach an additional agreement outside these parameters.
The classes are mainly in an online environment, which does not commit you to a specific location. You can be in the office or at home without the need for additional travel or outings.
Each Sunday a phone call is made to confirm the schedule for the upcoming week.

Can I order separate sessions?

I offer a package of 5 custom classes on demand with a duration of ~ 90 minutes, which you can use for specific purposes, practice or revision. For more information go here.

Can I go from a level to a plan?

YES, if you have purchased one training, but want to take advantage of a package service, you can switch to a plan with a package of levels, paying only the difference. For more information go here.

Do you offer translations?

YES, I offer two-way written and verbal translation on different topics, volumes and goals. For more information go here.

Do you offer content writing?

YES, I offer copywriting services for your products or services. For more information go here.

Do you offer corporate training?

YES, I offer the opportunity for language audits and wholesale / bulk orders from companies wishing to qualify their team with the option of hybrid training. For more information go here.

Do you create custom trainings?

YES, we can prepare or rework trainings according to your needs and goals, as well as offer solutions for their integration into your structure.

What else do you offer?

I want to help in the development of projects, companies and individuals, so that they represent our country around the world with quality English language competence and skills.
Other services include: Englification / Project support & more.

The Platform

What platform is used in the process

Which platform do you use?

The Your English Specialist system uses the Bulgarian LMS platform made by Contipso, which has many components and everything you need to conduct quality online trainings.

Why/How did you select it?

I can provide a long list of benefits but in short:
– The trainings are in the format that I have been envisioned them to be in from the very beginning of the project.
– An experienced team with high effectiveness and ethics.
– A modern design and look, paired with a powerful tool for creating interactive content.
– Multiple useful features for managing trainings and groups, as well as other elements giving freedom and control at the same time.

Am I able to self-enroll?

You can register yourself for the DEMO session of the system, but for training packages or levels you must apply for through the survey and consultation and after a payment is confirmed you get your account.
However, all YES products are available separately in the public Contipso catalog, where self-registration is possible. For more information go here.

What access do I get?

You get 24/7 access, but depending on the training mode you may also have a support period included, which means that you can ask an unlimited number of questions on the material and receive their answers directly in your slides.
You get writings check and improvement in any of the modes.

Do you have a classroom?

YES, a virtual classroom that has a rich variety of features and could be used for scheduled individual or group classes.

Is the system suitable for kids?

In its current version and intensity the system is suitable for teenagers, young people and adults. The materials are not presented in a manner for children in early-stage education.
The amounts of information per session is quite serious and concentrated to a great degree and might overwhelm children under the age of 14.

Can I study from a smartphone?

YES, you can learn from any device with an active internet connection. For mobile phones you have a vertical and horizontal view of the trainings. *Due to differences in screen dimensions it is possible to have minor displacement of the content. It is recommended that you use a PC with a big enough screen.

Can I share my account?

No, the account is created to one user and its use by more than one person is not allowed.
We offer the opportunity to gift a level to a friend or a relative, that way you will receive a gift too! For more information go here.

Can I download the trainings?

No, the trainings are subject to copyright!
You have the right to use the trainings only in our platform with just your personal access, you have no right to copy, download or distribute them to third parties.

Do you have a presentation?

YES, we have a full presentation in the Media section of the website.

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