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Project Support Services

Project support services

Project support services in English for startups & teams. Trainings, consultations and writing services for your business and ideas.

Your Project / Startup is in need of proper English?
We know how you feel! Take advantage of our expertise!

We want to support different projects expand and grow their reach with an international outlook and image! If you have a startup or an interesting project we encourage you to work with us on making it better, stronger and more outstanding in general!

It is our aim to provide quality services to upcoming and developing projects, that want to get to the top!


Are you reaching everyone?

Englification is the process of turning all your materials in fluent English! We could help you with your wording, presence, style and expression, so that it fits neatly to your products and services!

  • Englification of idea and concept
  • Determine your image and style
  • Englification of story and narrative
  • Custom solutions


Let's express your message clearly!

Support with translation of materials/presentation and consulting.
Editing and improvement of already made content. Team support and training.

  • Presentation / Materials translation
  • Website / Pages translation
  • Consulting & support
  • Custom Trainings


Open invitation for collaboration!

We offer an opportunity for a partnership with projects on conducting common ideas. We believe in the power, meaning and success of teamwork, as well as that people achieve much more together!

  • Partnered campaigns and initiatives
  • Exchange of products & services
  • Strategic partnership
  • Coordinated positioning
  • Partner page on our site
  • Mentions & Tags in posts

Project Support module

Let's make your project awesome!


  • 5 Full hours

Valid for:

Translation (Written / Verbal)
Edits & Improvements

Custom Solutions module

In case of Specific Needs & Goals!

  • 5 Full hours

Valid for:

Team building / Training
Custom solutions

For more information contact Your English Specialist or visit the Facebook page.