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About the Project

We believe in teaching through life-experience, and that each person learns in their own individual way.
In our opinion the modern world  could offer a fun and interactive way to approach education.

The Your English Specialist (YES) Project provides a fresh, modern and engaging method
on both Personal & Professional levels. 
It gives individuals the ability to better develop
their English Language skills and capabilities to an extent where they feel comfortable,
 as well as be a more sociable and open to the world person in the process.

We offer an interactive way to learn and develop your skills the way you prefer:
In a flexible way with well-constructed content that gives you all that you could need
to become an adaptive English user.

To be able to communicate effectively in any situation, no matter of location, purpose or complexity.
It is important for us that You gain knowledge, experience and practical navigation
in the vast world of the English language!

Become a part of this positive experience! 
When people speak the “same language“, they connect better!

The YES Team!

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Mission & Goals

What we aim with the project!

Our mission is to help you develop on a few levels:
Personal – To be better and confident in your skills!
Professional – To be an international Professional!
Cultural – To be able to manage in any situation!

Our goal is to provide you with
the necessary skills to connect to the world
and make it a better place!

Say “YES” to your English today!

The YES English Spirit

Meet our strong English Spirit Helper!

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An Interactive English Experience!

Experience learning English like never before!

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Do you need to travel or make many arrangements with different business professionals?

Or maybe write a very important e-mail?

Make an impression with great manners and speaking skills?

Want to travel the world with ease?

Learn a new practical skill?

Share your knowledge with the world?

If the answer to any of these questions is  “YES “
then we surely can help you!

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