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Why is the English language so important?

The world has seen a lot of development and advances in science, technology, culture and education in the past few decades. A big part of that has become a reality due to the extensive use of a common language.

In my opinion English is one of the major factors that have contributed to shape our modern society. People from all around the world, have cooperated and worked together to push humanity forward in its rise. Even a few industries emerged from all this and English has proven itself to be of great value to the overall process!

Here a few very important points on why is the English language so important nowadays:

1. English is very international!

Being one of the main languages in which so many people from different parts of the planet communicate daily, it has reached far and wide to every aspect of our lives. Even though cultures and nations vary, there are few places where you are going to have difficulty in finding someone speaking it!

2. It delivers tons of information on a daily basis!

So much information and resources could be found on the internet in English. It is the common method of expression between people on the web. All the big companies, websites and services support it as universal and common. All the information that you need is somewhere out there in English for sure.

You need the latest updates in your profession? Or maybe you need new ideas for your hobby?

There might not be vast amounts of know-how in your native language, but surely there is going to be a LOT of info in English from people across the globe! Experts and all respected specialists use it and should you!

3. It connects us all! How many languages do you know except for your Native one? Can you find someone speaking Italian in Russia? What are the chances?

Just feel sure you are going to find someone sooner or later!

English doesn’t limit our chances, rather it expands them greatly!

4. It is a standard in business.

In every modern company employees should be able to communicate with clients/other staff members or speak to any possible contact in the work environment. Even if you do not need it often, there might come a time where you will have to use it, and it should be there, waiting in your skill set! Just make sure you know the terms and phrases typical for your industry!

5. It is fun and flexible!

English is far from easy, but it doesn’t play hard to get either! It has layers which work in different situations and depending on your needs you could use just the basics. But if you go deeper in the structures, you find something very useful and practical! A mechanism that offers both simple and complex functions operating perfectly!

The language gives the user the ability to determine the complexity, register and word choice and has a phrase for every occasion! You need something? English got you covered no matter what you want to express and not only that but in multiple ways!

In our opinion those are some very serious reasons to know English on very high personal & professional levels!

Greets! Your English Specialist

Glossary: Due to – поради advance – напредък decade – десетилетие to contribute – да допринесе nowadays – в днешно време overall – като цяло / всичко на всичко to emerge – да израстне to prove – да докаже common – общ surely – със сигурност respected – уважаван to expand – да се разшири on a daily basis – на ежедневна база for sure – със сигурност except for – с изключение на to play hard to get – да се прави на недостъпен basics – основи

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