Pricing & Plans

Select the right one for you!

Do you want to have more free time for your friends & family
but still learn/practice English?
Would you like to study English in a different way?
Are there Language related problems you would like to resolve?

If Yes then: We are here for you and your needs!

Have a look at our Plans & Packs we offer specially tailored training regimes
flexible enough to cover all your needs!

*Please note, before purchasing any of our packages,
you should fill the application form and contact me via phone/e-mail,
in order to check for available slots in my schedule, and
appoint a live meeting. The slots are limited and exclusive!

P.S. I work with the sound turned off on my phone and
return calls at my expense as soon as possible!

Free Personal Consultation

To determine your aims, goals and level!

Workplace / Home Visitations

Public spaces or venues are also possible!

60/80 minute long sessions

Depending on your needs!

Access to the materials

Online in our platform!

My Schedule

Keep in mind I sometimes must travel around different locations and should have time between classes!
When working together we should aim at following a confirmed day & hour at the Sunday Overcall.
(Non-systematic changes or few minute delays are acceptable for both parties and with respectable reasons only!)

There could be additional fees for some of the following: Too distant locations or classes earlier/later than the schedule!
I keep my right to refuse a service due to inability of conducting or fitting the sessions in the schedule!

*Every 5th class Revises the previous four sessions!


Plans & Packs

Due to the personal & individual manner of the service prices are formed based on a few factors including:
location, day of the week, time of day, duration, intensity and learner level!

Single Lesson Plan - 25-35 bgn.

[60 minute sessions] Individual lesson sessions aimed at giving you the needed knowledge!

Extended Lesson Plan - 30-35 bgn.

[80 minute sessions] Extended lessons give more time to practice or support you in your tasks and plans!

Extended Couple Plan - 40 bgn.

[80 minute sessions] Working with two people could be very a useful and practical experience!

Weekend classes - 30-40 bgn.

[60/80 minute sessions] Weekend sessions are possible and convenient for learning a language effectively!

Express Knowledge

In case you are in a hurry!

Our first module type offers
10 English counseling sessions!
A great solution for people
who need to improve quickly!

You can start from:
A1.1 / A1.2 / A2 / B1

1.5-2 months


YES 10

  • 10 [60 min.] Live Sessions
  • 2 Project tasks
  • Website Profile
  • Homework Tasks
YES 10

Shine with your Skills!

A strong foundation

With this next module you get
25 sessions of progress!
Having great skills takes time and effort!

But it is absolutely worth it!

You can start from around:
A1 / A2 / B1

3-6 Months

25 Sessions

BGN550 / 650

YES 25

  • 25 [60 min.] Live Sessions
  • 3 Projects Tasks
  • Website Profile
  • Practice Group Access
  • Homework Tasks
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The Golden Ratio!

A combination of Quality and Quantity

A wonderful choice to cover a lot of material!
This is a Module that offers 50 sessions to study
and advance your level to the top!
Half/Full year of experience!

You can start from:
A.1.1 / A1.2 / A2 / B1

6-12 Months


YES 50

  • 50 [60 min.] Live Sessions
  • 5 Project Support tasks
  • Access to all Tool Guidebooks
  • Access to Practice Group
  • Website Profile
  • Homework Tasks
  • Bonus Materials & Exlusives
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Extra Modules

Some more special offers!

Need Specifics?

Just let us know what you want!

The Custom module 
gives you 5  sessions where
you specify your goal and
we help you get there!

Level: Custom
Content: Custom
Duration: Custom




  • 5 Custom Sessions
  • Custom Preparation
  • Custom Training
  • Custom Combination
  • Custom Services

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